Tuesday, October 28, 2014

gdawg scammed by Eagle Web Assets aka EWA. Non payment. BS Excuses.

Payment is due since October 2012. Have already sent lots of emails and PMs to Ryan. Below you can see the latest conversation where he promised payment within 14 days. I have been very patient and polite all along. It's not worth my time to go after $2285 so I'll just write it off. However, I would like this thread to stay here so that whenever someone searches for Ryan Eagle, they'll know what he has done to people. ps. Ryan, you can still pay me and I'll just close this chapter and move on. If you choose not to pay, you will be proven a liar and a thief. But if you decide to accuse me of fraud like you have been doing with other affiliates, I'll get my rep from Global Personals to post here and confirm that the leads sent were legit and they have already paid you in full. Backup copy of image: http://i.imgur.com/aGsBwD9.jpg http://i.imgur.com/rps9Qin.jpg http://image.bayimg.com/81cbee9f72fd3e933458b25313d50000ded41929.jpg

Bryan K - A story about Non Payment + EWA / Blam Ads / Ryan Eagle.

Do not WASTE your time and money on EWA anymore, save it for other network.

here my story and I hope you all not have same experience.

Ryan, came to my country (Indonesia) himself to explain about his network and his AM in my country is my friend.

Okay, I stick to his network and earn like on NOV about $4000+ and DEC about $2800+ (promote only dating offer on FB ads)

The problem start on 24 nov, where savy said wrong send payment okay I wait, from then many excuses come from ryan LOL... I think he's rich but what happen?

EWA going to collapse soon for anytime, he's a lot debt to affiliates and not pay until now and still looking for new investor?

He is sweet mouth guy Hery,

Finally, it looks as if this week the investor is coming in and I'd like to discuss plans of resolving the previous debt, and establish a structure for you to rebuild trust with us. It's taken me about 9 months of seeking investors and going through the wringer to finally reach this point. Our new investor is coming in as a financing partner / owner to handle all new allocated traffic. With this investor, we will be able to pay you daily / 2x a week (or whatever preferred) and attach a percentage repayment agreed upon.

Right now all financial decisions and special payment terms like this needs to go through and get approved by them. I'm reaching out to you because I consider you a critical relationship and a friend to EWA, and my main objective in 13' is to fix the mistakes and rebuild the trust. Would you be interested in getting adjusted terms so you can scale without risk, with an agreed upon repayment attached on top of it? For example, we could attach 15% of commission to be attached and remitted onto the daily commission wires to you. This will allow me to get it approved by the investor, while allowing you to scale, get paid daily, and get the past issue resolved.

After we work off the debt we can maintain the same pay schedule so we can actually grow with you and rebuild the trust that we have. You have been a good friend to me and EWA and I want to come to a quick resolution that allows us to work on our previous past due debt.

If you would like to hop on the phone for me to clarify or discuss anything that would further appease you let me know. We could get some money remitted this week if that will help, then if we paid you super fast you could scale fast. Wientor listed you as a critical relationship so we could work out a special deal. Could I give you a phone call on Skype to move forward with this and explain how we can make a plan that will make you happy?

Yes, I do attack and threat him and after that he said he will wiring my payment. A week passed, and new email now he attack me LOL... he said I fraud lead... how I can do that when I only do advertise on Facebook ads... and the quality good, got paybumps...

And today I tired of his BS... every action come reaction.

Please think if you already joined EWA, whether made a lot or a little, think about it when someday you not got paid for hardwork you done! And for to those who not join EWA, its good... never touch them!!

I better stick with Neverblue and adsimilis, its smooth and got weekly payment, my personal experience.


NB: about fraud thing, what I did only promote dating offers on FB ads... After months my quality good, got paybumps, and when this problem came... ryan with his lame tactic attack me for fraud thing. You only ruin yourself ryan, good luck. Screenshots: Backup images: